Five months ago today, my immune system was obliterated… annihilated… my white blood cells, neutrophils, etc. all, “too low to count” created the perfect environment for the last round of chemo and return of my own stem cells to help my body rebuild a new immune system.

Today, the BBC published a story previewing interim results of Dr. Burt’s international study, to be released at the annual meeting of the European Society for Bone and Marrow Transplantation. In short, and similar to the news Dr. Burt shared with me post-transplant as he was working on an abstract of his findings, “The data is stunningly in favour of transplant against the best available drugs – the neurological community has been sceptical about this treatment, but these results will change that.”

Hard to believe there are so many skeptics. Hard to believe how many people continue suffering from any of the 23 autoimmune diseases this transplant can halt. Hard to believe it will be much longer before HSCT becomes a standard of care. Hard to believe five months have passed since my transplant.

Although my healing is slow and steady, I know that my disease is not progressing and I am so grateful I get to have that peace of mind. I am beyond grateful that Dr. Burt has dedicated his time, energy, research, and brilliance to saving our lives.

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  1. Michele Curry says:

    Wonderful News!

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