If you’re interested in contributing financially to fund my HSCT and recovery, please visit my YouGiving campaign* to donate.

Another way that you can contribute is by supporting your own well-being and switching to shop online with Melaleuca. Self-care is so critically important for everyone! As I have done well with cleaning up my diet, and always believed that most of my household products were generally safe/green, I also realize I can do better. Melaleuca offers high-quality natural products including laundry detergent, sunscreen, cosmetics, essential oils, vitamins, pet food, and more. Now that research has evidenced direct links between negative health outcomes and the toxicity of so many brandname products, it is ever more important to detox the household and restock with safe, healthy, environmentally-friendly products. Certainly this is true post-transplant, but we all deserve clean environments that support our health and vitality!

After researching various products, I want to connect you with the safer, cleaner, healthier, and effective products of Melaleuca. So many of their products are comparable to brandname products, but last longer, work better, smell nicer, and have less impact on our environment. Complete this quick form and I will send you a personalized link so that you can learn more, switch stores, and explore Melaleuca products to improve your well-being.


A thousand times, thank you!

Be well. Take care. Be kind.

*Indiegogo chose to cancel the Generosity platform for fundraising. All funds raised prior to 3/29/18 have been received and are greatly appreciated!