Thanks to all your good energy and the amazing care at Prentice, the past 24 hours were endured quite well. Waiting on the last of my meds to drip through my veins, lose the foley, shower, and discharge around 3. We head back to the hotel to rest and begin neopogen to help my bone marrow crank out some healthy stem cells before harvest on 10/2…

All that said, I’m grateful to finally have experienced a taste of what my grandmother (my hero) and other cancer patients experience through chemo therapy. The burning feeling through the sinuses…wasabi nose…super nausea…extreme lightheadedness…exhaustion…zero appetite…miserable, though temporary. I’m also grateful for a sample of the four days to come in October leading up to my stem cell birthday of my new immune system.

I’m not sure that four days of this will feel great, but I am sure that four years from now, when we’re gearing up for my daughter’s birthday, I will look back and know the struggles were worth the positive outcomes.

Pre-sunrise view of Lake Michigan out of room 1686

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