thought I would pass along links to a few interesting articles I encountered this week:

research into whether high-doses of Biotin (Vitamin H) can help strengthen myelin (I started taking 6,000 IU of Biotin daily about three months ago…perhaps I need more?)

research about genetic susceptibility to developing MS (as a mother this potential certainly weighs heavily on my mind)

and a story about how immune suppression via vaccine triggered underlying tick-borne illness to emerge (by sharing this, I do not intend to promote the anti-vaccine agenda, but rather point to the commonality of our stories in that the MS modifying drugs suppressed my immune system and triggered my dormant lyme and co-infections. This story read all too-familiar, so even if you forget sunscreen or bug spray this summer, at the very least please CHECK FOR TICKS, and if something like a vaccine or steroids or drug that modifies the existing immune system causes significant differences in your otherwise healthy system, consult with a Lyme-literate doctor.)

thanks for reading!

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